Nick Keane


Nick Keane, College of Policing International Standards and Organisational Development Faculty

Predavanje: Policing; in crisis and change

Nick will discuss the impact of digital disruption on policing, reflecting on how these changes are experienced in critical incidents and how the police need to respond to these changes. Examples will be given of how changes in the way police and the public are using social media and is impacting on police/public relations.

Nick Keane 
is the digital and social media engagement specialist within the College of Policing International Standards and Organisational Development Faculty. He provides advice and guidance to leadership and practitioner teams in forces, providing in the safe and effective use of social media as part of Force engagement processes. In addition, Nick organises and facilitates regional, national and international courses on police use of social media. Nick works with social media companies provided support for Forces and delivering bespoke training events, this includes working with Google, Facebook and Twitter. At a UK level, Nick works with the National Policing Business Areas for Local Policing supporting police use of Digital and Social Media Engagement. Nick has delivered training internationally including in Namibia, Norway and Cyprus. He can be found on Twitter @nickkeane.