Stephen Clark

Stephen Clark, Director for Relations with Citizens, European Parliament

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Stephen Clark has been an official of the European Parliament since 1991. For the first seven years of his career, he worked in the administration of parliamentary committees, advising and assisting Members of Parliament in the preparation of their work. In this period his work was mainly in the area of budgetary control, the fight against fraud, and the defence of the financial interests of the EU.

After a year-long secondment to the European Court of Auditors in 1998, he returned to the European Parliament to assist the Committee of Independent Experts set up to investigate allegations of fraud, corruption and nepotism in the European Commission, which reported successively in March and September 1999.

From 1999 until 2007, he worked in the private office of the then Secretary-General of the Parliament, Julian Priestley, where his work initially focused on budgetary and financial matters, but subsequently moved predominantly into the fields of organisational reform and institutional communications policy.

Since 2007 he has worked in Parliament's Directorate-General for Communications. For six years he was responsible for the online and digital communications of the institution, managing its website and online editorial content. In this role, he oversaw the pioneering launch of the European Parliament's social media presence, and the creation of a new digital communications policy which has served as a model for similar institutions worldwide.

In 2013, he was appointed to head the Directorate for Relations with Citizens, which is responsible for Parliament's communications activities vis-à-vis the general public. On the one hand, this encompasses public relations activities, communications campaigns and events, meaning that, in this capacity, he was also responsible for the conception and delivery of the institutional communications campaign leading up to the 2014 European elections. On the other hand, his job includes the Parliament's services and facilities for visitors, including visitors groups, individual tours, the "Parlamentarium" visitor centre and the future House of European History, due to open in 2016.

At present his main focus lies, first, in the area of corporate branding and visual identity, including the introduction of a new institutional logo, and, second, in the implementation of an integrated strategy for the enhancement and management of all visitor services.

Stephen Clark is of British nationality and lives in Brussels. He is married and has two teenage sons.